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Accord Web Technologies Online Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

We deliver fine quality internet marketing services that can help you achieve high SERP’s and increased traffic to your website. Besides SEO being one of our core competencies what makes our company different from other SEO companies is our strategy and will to add as much value as possible to our customer websites.

Our Process – Our Commitment

The approach to each project is very situational in nature. What works for some websites may not work for others. However some basic fundamentals of our’s to brief you on our engagement model are as follows:

Technical and Statistical Analysis

  • To begin with we work on pure statistics and logic to strategize the required approach.
  • There are various technical aspects that need to be in place before we even start with the optimization. A thorough check of these factors and required rectification is what we concentrate on initially.

Keyword Research and Approach

  • Keyword research being one of the most crucial factors in the initial stages is given utmost Importance.
  • As one can’t do this time and again we collect as much data as possible from analytical and keyword tools.
  • During the keyword research what we do is identify business opportunities that may have been missed.
  • We add value by exploring every inch of scope available.

On-Page Optimization

  • Once our strategies along with all other factors are in place we can start with optimizing on-page factors.
  • Meta content will be highly optimized based on a situational approach.
  • Competitor Meta content will be analyzed thoroughly.
  • Opportunities competitors have missed out on will be captured and made optimum use of.
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