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Accord Web Technologies Online Digital Marketing Services

Paid Search Marketing

A game with high stakes and strong contenders. Certainly a place for companies that hit the bull’s eye. Targeted and qualified leads that maximize every dollar you spend are the base of our campaigns. You can count on us for every bit of your PPC campaign across various search and display networks spread over various platforms (Google, Face book, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and Our approach to each product or service and their purpose is situational.

Increase in number of searches is a result of the worldwide web growing on a daily basis. By maximizing your ROI what we mean is the having optimum profit keeping the budget and number of impressions identical excluding the increase in number of searches.

Services we offer under Paid Search Marketing include

Initial Set Up

  • Comprehensive keyword research to reach the maximum audience one can
  • Initial set up bifurcating keywords into various ad groups
  • Creating various catchy ads that target high CTR’s
  • Bid Strategies
  • Razor sharp targeting wherever possible
  • Geographic targeting
  • Landing Page Design


  • Keyword Refinements (Adding negative keywords, adding keywords that may have been missed)
  • Adding more ad groups if necessary
  • Bid Management and Bid Optimization
  • Improving Ad copy to improve CTR
  • Landing Page Optimization


  • Analyzing converting keywords
  • Tracking various goal conversions
  • Calculating ROI
  • Taking steps to improve performance

We ensure that our campaigns run to give optimum ROI. Our standards, techniques and will to do more than enough helps us stay ahead.

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